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Whether they have been actors, actresses, musicians, politicians or athletes, Dr. Scaccia has treated his share of celebrities over the years. Amy Fisher is just one of many and can be seen below just before her courageous battle with the “Octomom” in Hollywood on “Celebrity Boxing” approximately one year after undergoing revision nasal surgery. She was so happy with her results that she consented to Riverside for the use of her name and images so that she can help promote the potential wonders of nasal plastic surgery and corrective breathing.

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Early five week postoperative result of celebrity reality star, Amy Fisher, who underwent a revision rhinoplasty.  Amy had her original nasal surgery many years ago by another surgeon and was never happy with the appearance of her nose and breathing.  It was determined that her nasal functional obstruction was due to a combination of enlarged hypertrophic turbinates and some collapse of her external nasal valve due to over-resection of her tip cartilages from the previous surgery. Because she did not have adequate septal cartilage available due to her prior surgery, her own ear cartilage was harvested so that it could be used in the reconstruction. An open rhinoplasty approach was used so that a more accurate assessment and treatment could be used. She was noted preoperatively, as can be seen on her frontal view, to have collapse and pinching of her alar tip, retraction of her nostril rims and a noticeable bossae of her right tip cartilage. This was causing asymmetry of her tip with an outward prominence and irregularity of her tip. This was corrected by removing the distorted and abnormally shaped underlying tip cartilages and replacing them with strategically shaped ear cartilage grafts that were used both along the alar sidewall and as tip grafts. As can be seen in the postoperative view, the tip is now more symmetric and straight, although there is still some swelling which has subsided as can be seen in her one year professional picture above. On the three-quarter views, her preoperative depressions and irregularities of her tip are now removed and replaced with a much smoother and natural contour. Postoperative views demonstrate a more symmetric and natural tip and nostrils with only slight evidence of the open rhinoplasty incisional scar which is all but invisible at this time.

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